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Those moments in life

Beyond the noisy world of finance, economics, technology and politics life and love always proceed.

I was coming home late after finishing class teaching my finance students the ins and outs of managerial budgeting. As I walked to the station to catch my train home I passed a couple saying goodbye to each other.

He had his left hand around her waist, and had just kissed her on her cheek. He said ‘I’d love to see you again’, she replied ‘l’d really like that’ whilst a gentle blush came across her face.

That was all I heard of the conversation as I walked past, but it appeared to be the parting after a first dinner date. Successful it seems! It made me smile. It made think about the moment I met my fiancée, the person in life I love so dearly who will soon be my wife. This day could be that life changing moment for that couple as well.

Sometimes you have to make time for the small things. Tell someone you love them. Make a phone call to a good friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Send a funny photo to a family member. This post is my reminder about that. It’s easy to get caught up in the noise of twitter feeds and 247 news. Tonight reminded me about relationships. You have to nurture them. In the long term they give you back the most in life.