2 minute read

This is the first post on my new personal site powered by the Hugo website framework continually deployed by Netlify from the sites BitBucket git repository.

I love a fast loading webpage and that’s what you will get with this static site. There is nothing more frustrating than a slow loading and over complicated image and text heavy site. For my site, I am going for clean, responsive and minimal. This not only applies to the design but also the architecture - thanks Hugo & Netlify . I’ll try to stick to these principles as I go.

With this site up I have a place where I can now write and publish my thoughts on ideas that matter to me. If you are wondering what Hugo is check out the the Hugo website for more information. You can read about the benefits of static site generators here. Check out Netflify if you need a home for your site.

My biggest tech tip that took me a while to resolve is setting the Hugo build version on Netlify to match the requirements of the Hugo theme you have installed. Some newer Hugo themes have Hugo functions that won’t work under the current Hugo version run on Netflify. To get around this force the Hugo version as an build environment variable on your Build and Deploy page. More info on how to do that here.