9 minute read

Every week we are hearing more about data breaches, hacks, identity thefts, you name it. Our personal data and privacy is at risk. What should we do? Delete Facebook? Turn off GPS? Retreat from the online world into the woods? The answer involves learning a bit more about why this happening, taking the right personal steps and then continuing the conversation so collectively we move towards a data paradigm with better outcomes for individuals and businesses.

3 minute read

This week I have been reflecting on the use of agile practices in my every day work. We’ve come a long way since the Agile Manifesto in the early 2000s with its core audience deeply rooted in the world of software development. We’ve moved to a paradigm where Agile is being adopted as an operating system for running entire businesses. This is a profound leap. For those businesses who haven’t considered the agility of their structures and systems, it represents the need for them…

2 minute read

This is the first post on my new personal site powered by the Hugo website framework continually deployed by Netlify from the sites BitBucket git repository.