Ryan Kris

My name is Ryan. I’m a technology consultant helping business leaders grow and succeed in a fast changing world. My formal educational is in information systems and business management and I have enduring interests in economics, politics, finance and startups.

My Work

Currently I am

  • Senior Manager at BDO, Sydney in the Technology Advisory team.
  • Exploring and writing on digital privacy, security, blockchain/DLTs, cryptocurrencies and business intelligence.
  • Teaching Entrepreneurship and Managerial Finance in the MBA course at the Australian Institute of Management.

  • Running my own consultancy called Digital Serf focussed on

    • Data analytics and BI
    • Web strategy and e-commerce
    • Data privacy and security
    • Digital strategy and transformations
    • Startup business model development
    • Business process improvement and automation
    • Agile working and operating models

Sectors I’ve worked in include

  • Internet and Telecommunications
  • Food and Retail
  • Legal
  • Health & Medicine
  • Music & Arts
  • Design & Architecture

Previously I

Out of hours I

Fun Facts

Some fun facts :

  • This site is powered by Hugo, a static site engine written in Go.
  • This site is continuously deployed by Netlify from it’s Bitbucket repository.
  • My code editor of choice is Sublime.
  • Security is first. HTTPS Everywhere please (freely installed with Netlify sites).

Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to send me a message or ask me on Twitter.

Thanks for visiting!